About us

We cater for six distinct age groups, which we categorise as: Caterpillars (0-1 years); Ladybirds 1- 1 ˝ years); Butterflies (1 ˝ years- 2 years); Honeys (2-3 years) and Bumbles (3-5 years). The dragonflies are our own grown ups who enjoy both our Breakfast and After School Clubs.

We believe in working in partnership with parents to assist their children to explore the world around them and develop their potential as individuals.

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Our team

Busy Bees nurseries are staffed by experienced and fully qualified and dedicated professionals.

Each centre is run by a manager and deputy both with full trained and extensive experience of looking after children in a day care environment.

The nursery is divided into six distinct units to cater for the 0-1 year olds, the 1-1 ˝ year olds, the 1 1/2 – 2 year olds, the 2-3 year olds, the 3-5 years and the over 5’s with each unit being supervised by a senior qualified nursery nurse.

All staff at Busy Bees are committed to creating a loving, happy and stimulating environment which responds to the needs of enthusiastic and inquisitive individuals.

Our staff will maintain developmental records for each child under five years of age which will show the progress made during their time at Busy Bees. These records are available for parents to look through and discuss with staff any time.