Busy Bees Durham

C is for caterpillars (0 - 1 years)

As babies we develop faster than any other time in our lives.

In the first year, the excitement of sound, sight and touch will be accompanied by a series of extra special firsts…including walking.

Our fully qualified staff provide expert care and encouragement every step along the way as your child grows. We aim to provide a gentle, loving environment in a homely atmosphere.

Learning through play will help develop confidence and skills in this formative year and at Busy Bees the staff provide a wealth of experience to respond to children’s natural curiosity.

L is for Ladybirds 1-1 ˝ years

Babies curiosity knows no bounds as they become mobile and able to explore the wider world around them.

Busy Bees provides a safe, interactive environment which aims to encourage babies to explore and build confidence in their abilities. Our staff work to compliment the relationship that exists between parent and child and we actively encourage parents to be involved in the day car we provide.

B is for Butterflies (1 ˝ - 2 years)

Babies blossom between 18 months and 2 years as they begin the transition from baby to toddler.

Each child’s character becomes more distinct and their capability for speech and learning grow ten fold over the next six months.

At Busy Bees we encourage the children to express themselves through interactive palsy and gentle learning, building on the confidence and skill levels already achieved.

Daily activities are designed to help the children become aware of the wider world both within the nursery and out in the local environment on supervised walks.

H is for Honeys (2-3 years)

Every child’s an individual

At Busy Bees we allow youngsters to develop at their own pace and explore the special delights of discovering the world around them.

Settling in can be a difficult period and parents are welcome to attend sessions to liase with staff and build up their child’s confidence.

In the caring and happy environment of Busy Bees nurseries, children will be involved in all aspects of development and our carefully planned programmes will encourage the growth of confident secure individuals.

B is for Bumbles (3-5 years)

At Busy Bees we pride ourselves on our ability to enable children in our care to achieve the education goals set out by the Department Of Education. These are constantly being updated by the Government and out staff are always fully trained to implement new guidelines.

The nursery offers a secure and fun environment for the children to learn through play. Children at this stage are now eagerly seeking information about all exciting aspects of their rapidly expanding world. They learn from their new experiences which teach them to try out new things, ask questions, and generally further tier overall learning experience.

While the children are with us at Busy Bees the emphasis is on play in a safe and loving environment, which in turn is conductive to learning.

We anticipate that our children will make the transition from nursery to school with ease.

D is for Dragonflies (school age)

Our Breakfast and After School children will be given the same love and attention as our younger members. We provide a wide range of both indoor and outdoor equipment to ensure children have fun during their time at Busy Bees. Homework support, where required, is available, together with leisure time activities. Breakfast and tea time snacks are provided and most importantly a secure environment for this window of time before and after school.

Busy Bees Durham

Busy Bees Durham

Busy Bees Durham

Busy Bees Durham

Busy Bees Durham