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Keep Active

Being physically active is an essential ingredient for our health and wellbeing. It positively benefits us in countless ways, both physically and mentally, and therefore can have a negative impact when it is significantly reduced. Most predominantly we feel it in our mood in the first instance, but we may not readily realise that it is a lack of activity that is bothering us (and our children).

Over the coming weeks it is important to try and integrate physical activity into your daily routine which both you and your child can enjoy together. Remembering that government guidelines allow us to leave our homes once a day for exercise, short bursts of activity are just as beneficial as longer bouts, so why not try:

– a short walk, jog or run around your neighbourhood (remembering social distancing from others)

– an outing around the block on bicycles, tricycles or scooters

– ball games in the garden

– taking chalks into the garden or path outside your home and drawing hop scotches

– teaching your child to hula hoop or skip

– making obstacle courses (both inside and outside)

– play classic games such as ‘Twister’ or ‘Bop It’ (or design your own ‘Twister’ by drawing coloured circles on an old bed sheet!)

– ask your child to teach you skills and exercises they have learned at nursery, Football or Mighty Monsters

– practice yoga, pilates and relaxation sessions

– join in physical workouts that can be found on the internet or You Tube, such as PE with Joe Wicks

– if you are lucky enough to live near parks or open fields visit these for a run around (again remembering social distancing)

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