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Loose Parts and Transient Art Play

The idea of loose part play is to enable children to undertake their own learning using everyday objects rather than ‘toys’. Loose part play gives children the opportunity to be curious, discover and invent with objects. Transient art is simply the art and designs children make without the glue using everyday materials and objects.

Everyday items from around the home can be presented to children as loose parts. Items should be open ended so they have no pre-determined rules for use and can be made, moved, moulded, manipulated and morphed into any number of things using only imagination.

Some favourite items we use at nursery include;
Household items such as curtain rings and hooks, CD’s, bottle tops, large buttons, tubes, springs, washers, nuts and bolts, pegs, and tiles.
Natural resources such as stones, sea shells, feathers, pine cones, leaves, sticks, conkers, acorns, and sand.
Fabrics such as scarves, ribbons, laces, silk and scrunchies.

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