🐝🐜 National Insect Week! 🐝🐜
22nd – 28th June 2020

The children took part in a variety of activities for National Insect Week. The children have had lots of opportunities to discuss the natural world and find out more about insects. The children have used a variety of books and technology to expand their knowledge further – i.e. though the Hungry Caterpillar story, fact books and watching videos of insects.

The children in the Caterpillar and Ladybird room used paint to create spider prints and explored posting them down the drain pipe waiting for them to appear at the other end. The children also found a little snail in our nursery garden and loved observing it with their friends.

Our Butterflies and Honeys have been making their very own insect house by gathering natural resources from our nursery garden and introducing a snail that they found!

Our Little Bumbles have been very creative using a variety of objects to paint a ladybird. First the children used an apple for the body, then a paint brush to paint his face and finally they used their fingers to add the spots.

The Big Bumbles loved searching the garden to find a variety of different insects. Firstly they talked about where insects live and where they may be hiding in the nursery garden. They couldn’t wait to go on a hunt and it wasn’t long before they found a slimy slug and worm hidden amongst the grass. The children were very lucky when a bee landed on the decking, taking a closer look at his wings and colouring.

What a great week the children have had learning all about insects.

The pictures below show just some of the things the children have been getting up to. If you have taken part with Insect Week at home we would love to see some of your pictures. You can share these with us via ParentZone.