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Nursery Council – Coronavirus

Nursery council – Coronavirus

On returning to nursery we have been working with the children and the nursery council to ascertain their knowledge of the coronavirus and how they have coped with all of the changes around them. It has been important for us to gain the children’s views and knowledge first so that we can age appropriately educate them and address and misconceptions that may have been worrying them.

Since the re-opening of nursery, we have been holding group discussions with the children where they have had the opportunity to express what they understand about the coronavirus. It has been great to listen to what the children have had to say, and we have been blown away by their knowledge already. When asked about what the coronavirus is and how we can stop it, this is what some of the children had to say;
‘It is really little and you can’t see it’ – Toby
‘Wash your hands’ – Phoebe

The children have all returned and settled back into nursery so well over the last few weeks. It has also been important for us to find out the children’s opinions and views on why nursery has been closed and how they have felt about it so that we can help foster their emotional well-being. Some of the nursery council have been telling us;

‘Germs are little tiny, you can’t see them, so you need a microscope’
‘When you put fingers in your mouth, you get germs and then you can get poorly’

To expand on the children’s knowledge, we have been working with the nursery council to raise awareness and improve their hand hygiene and hand washing techniques. To show the children about germs they have been participating in various activities. ‘Glitter Germs’ is an activity in which germs (which cause cold/viruses) are represented by glitter. To do this, the children all put a small amount of glitter onto their hands They then rubbed their hands together and touched other areas such as their face/hair. The children discussed and noticed how easily the ‘germs’ were spreading through touch. Next, the children were asked to wash their hands. They did not use soap initially which meant that they could still see the ‘germs’ on their hands. After talking about the importance of soap, the children then used it to wash the glitter germs off and were able to see the difference. They recognised how much better the soap worked at removing the ‘germs’ from their hands and we discussed how important it is to use it every time.

All of the children have been amazing at following the step by step hand washing instructions, ensuring they wash for the correct length of time (20 seconds) – the children sing along to the ‘Happy Birthday’ tune to ensure the have washed for long enough, scrubbing between fingers, rubbing backs of hands and around the thumbs, fingers and wrists and finally drying properly with a paper towel. One member of the nursery council explained to everyone ‘when we have wiped our bottoms’ we need to wash our hands,’ while another told us washing our hands would make us ‘better, better, better’.

We will continue to work with children to raise awareness about germs carrying out activities such as observing mouldy bread.

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