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Stay and Play sessions 2020

Stay and play sessions are an opportunity for parents, carers and/or grandparents to come into nursery and enjoy an activity session with their child, meet and chat to staff, and also meet other parents. Dates for upcoming stay and play sessions are as follows:

Wednesday 25th March 9.30am-11am
Wednesday 16th September 9.30am-11am
Wednesday 25th November 9.30am-11am

Wednesday 8th April 9.30am-11am
Tuesday 7th July 9.30am-11am
Tuesday 22nd September 9.30am-11am

Tuesday 3rd March 9.30am-11am
Wednesday 24th June 9.30am-11am
Thursday 24th September 9.30am-11am

Tuesday 7th April 9.30am-11am
Thursday 23rd July 9.30am-11am
Wednesday 23rd September 9.30am-11am

Little Bumbles
Monday 17th February 9.30am-11am
Wednesday 27th May 9.30am-11am
Tuesday 29th September 9.30am-11am

Big Bumbles
Tuesday 11th February 9.30am-11am
Wednesday 17th June 9.30am-11am
Monday 21st September 9.30am-11am

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