We are NMT Outdoor Award Finalists!

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We are NMT Outdoor Award Finalists!

We are absolutely delighted to have made it through to the finals of the NMT Nursery awards 2018! We are so proud of the whole team, that have worked hard to create an inspirational outdoor learning environment. The continued commitment of the team has gained us this wonderful recognition. Well Done!
The outdoor space is a haven of opportunities for children, including risk taking, exploration, investigation, balance, physical movement and the opportunity to develop new skills. The children have access to a range of terrains including grass, bark, decking and paved surfaces aimed to challenge physical movement and balance whilst experiencing a variety of sensory elements of the natural world.
Our outdoor environment provides a variety of opportunities that empower children to become more confident and creative as they explore and discover the natural environment. The area offers a mix of focussed learning experiences and open ended play as children are free to lead their own learning or take guidance from adult led opportunities.
This is an annual event organised by Nursery Management Today, the leading business publication in the nursery sector.
The Awards are designed to reward excellence in childcare and celebrate the very best people in the Nursery Sector. There were 17 categories to enter overall and there were four or five finalists in each category.
We will keep you updated with how we get on at the beginning of December when the winners will be announced.

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