• My daughter has been going to Busy Bees Nursery since she was ten months old. She’ll be two next week and is about to transition into the 2-3year old room. Ever since my daughter’s first day, she has been so well cared for, stimulated and shown a lot of love. In each of the rooms, she’s had an amazing special carer who takes their time to get to know her, what settles her and what makes her laugh.

    The new app is great so that when I’m at work I can log in and see what she’s eaten, what she’s been doing and if she’s napped.

    I can’t rate all the staff highly enough. As an anxious mam leaving her baby for the first time, my fears and worries were eased from being able to ring and see if she’s settled, email in and ask them just to make sure she’s happy to her running to their arms when I drop her off. I can’t imagine leaving her in the care of anyone other than the staff at busy bees.”

          Laura G

  • “Both of my daughters have attended Busy Bees since 2013, with the youngest now in the room for the oldest children. Over this time, we have come into contact with the majority of the staff there and we are always amazed at how – without fail – they are all approachable, knowledgeable and clearly see their role as not just a job, but a vocation. Any little concerns we have (of which there have been very few!) are listened to and acted upon and there is a real sense that the staff tailor their care to the individual child and their personality. One of the main reasons we chose this nursery was for the incredible space and outdoor play opportunities – there is so much to do there, it is impossible for the children to get bored. My eldest daughter is now begging to be put into the after-school/holiday club as she is missing it so much now she has started school! I highly recommend this nursery.”

         Christina M

  • My daughter started Busy Bees at age 2, I was a little nervous when she started, but the staff were and still are amazing with her! I trust them completely in looking after her and following whatever needs she has. She absolutely loves coming to nursery and gets excited when she knows its a nursery day! My daughter always comes home talking about what she has been up too and we especially like the variety of activities that are on offer for her. Much more than we can provide at home!I especially love the new parent zone app that has been introduced recently, it gives us a chance to see exactly what she has been up to throughout the day along with some photos. When I show her the photos we talk about what she has done at nursery that day and it encourages her to tell us stories and remember what she has been up to!Oh and I love hearing about what she has had to eat, the menu offers a great variety of different food, and it always smells great!

    Great nursery, would recommend.”

          Craig I

  • A fantastic nursery. My two little girls attended Busy Bees between 2011 and 2017. Busy Bees became part of our family. The staff are all so friendly and caring and continue to make the nursery a happy, fun and safe environment. My two girls had some very special bonds with their carers, as did I. My husband and I work shifts and Busy Bees were always very accommodating changing nursery days at very short notice. My girls love their time at Busy Bees and it certainly has helped prepare them for starting school.Thank you Busy Bees.”

         Caroline W

  • I have two sons that attend Busy Bees Nursery, aged one and three. Whilst neither have considerably complex needs, they do have needs that have worried us as parents, particularly when being out of the family home. As parents, we cannot praise the staff at Busy Bees enough for their support and care for both our sons. They have helped us to feel relaxed and supported with even the smallest of worries.With our eldest son, we have always had our worries about how he would settle into a structured environment, in particular, following rules. Together nursery and home have worked hard on him, taking turns and getting on well with others. He has matured quickly, becoming more sensible, willing to listen and is able to resolve issues more calmly. We cannot thank the nursery enough for what we believe is largely based on the work they do. We know how much they help, but so does our son, because he tells us! He loves nursery. They both do, and so do we!Well done Busy Bees, you’re amazing!”

          Sarah M

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